Line Up:

Mike Browning - Drums/Vocals
Demian Heftel - Guitar
Belial Koblak - Guitar/Backing Vocals
Daniel Tucker - Bass
Nocturnal - Keyboards



After Death’s history dates back to the middle of 1999 when Mike Browning (vocals, drums), Richard Bateman (bass) and Gino Marino (guitar) - all of the first original line-up of Nocturnus in 1987, reformed as Nocturnus A.D. with Mike Walkowski on guitar, replacing the only other original member from 1987 Vincent Crowley (Acheron).  The name was changed to After Death in 2000 so it would not be associated with Nocturnus (however, this would later change - see below).

After Death recorded 3 demos in between 2003-2006 (“Consumed by Fire”, “Reviving the Gods” and “Secret Lords of the Star Chamber Below”) that also conveyed occult teachings to the public via musick they did during those days.

In 2008 After Death was brought to an European tour, performing Mike’s ex-band Nocturnus’ songs off from the band’s classic “The Key” album – as well as a couple of Morbid Angel’s songs that Mike co-wrote with Trey Azagthoth for Morbid Angel’s “Abominations of Desolation” album. Around at the same time Iron Pegasus Records released a compilation of After Death’s 3 demos along with the band’s unreleased “Vibrations” EP, both as vinyl and CD formats titled "Retronomicon".

In 2009, after a few more line-up changes, After Death established its line-up to a 5-piece band - this new line-up of After Death containing of experienced musicians who have previously played in such known bands as Obituary, Brutality, Incantation and many others. Soon a 4-track demo was recorded for promotional purposes only, which also caught an immediate attention of Chilean label Proselytism that wanted to put out the same demo remastered as a split CD (in addition of a new After Death song called “Dwellers of the Deep”) together with Chilean Death Metal act Unaussprechlichen Kulten, on a luxury digipack double CD.

After Death recently completed a Venom cover song, “At War with Satan” for a Venom tribute that will later be released on the German label 'Iron Pegasus Records'. The song is a really ambitious work from the guys, truly showing in such a great way that only a few bands are up for such challenges nowadays as After Death are. This is the first time ever this epic Venom song has been covered – and After Death used this extraordinary opportunity more than well.

In 2013, Mike Browning formed Nocturnus AD, a reformation (not reunion) of the original Nocturnus. Nocturnus AD has the same members as After Death and they plan to write and record in the future, in the vein more of the original Mike Browning-led Nocturnus (technical/sci-fi).